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We All Gotta Eat!
Our story

We All Gotta Eat! was born in 2015, alongside the launch of Fooq's in Downtown Miami.

Upon graduating from the Chaplin School of Hospitality at FIU, David Foulquier opened Fooq's in 2015, on Eleventh Street in Downtown Miami, Florida.

World travels and a passion for hospitality inspired Foulquier’s vibe-driven Miami concept, Fooq’s, which opened in 2015 and offers exotic fare in a cozy setting.  An innate gourmand of Persian-French heritage, Foulquier filled a much-needed void in the Magic City with a foodie-haven of globally inspired ‘Feel Good Food.’

In 2018, Sushi Noz was introduced to the world.

After a residence as Head Chef at Manhattan's Sushi Den, Chef Nozomu Abe teamed up with We All Gotta Eat to launch his namesake restaurant in Spring of 2018. Michelin stars and accolades soon followed, and eventually a sister restaurant, Noz 17, was opened in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood in 2021.

The team continues to grow.

We All Gotta Eat continues to expand its offices in both New York and Miami, with many more exciting concepts in the pipeline.

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate professionals to join our team.

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